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    20 years ago we had the Plumbers Networking Forum © going quite strong. We got so busy with other projects so we just didn't have the time. I ran into a colleague at a plumbing trade show and he said he missed it, it was a great we've decided to restart it and make it bigger and better.

    One of the things we find REALLY bad is a forum where plumbing professionals give free advice to homeowners on how to do things themselves. Can you image a physician doing that?! Will never happen amongst that profession, and we will never allow it here. We may open one forum where prospective clients can post a request to retain a plumbing professional, but that would have to be quite regional, which in itself would be daunting.

    As before, we intend on this being a networking resource for plumbing professionals only. We need to figure out a way to make that happen. While we could institute a requirement for users to use their company names here, some might not like that.....if we do not do that, how will we vet prospective new members to make sure they are professionals and not homeowners? Ideas?

    Evil regulatory types such as the small business hating lame stream media and Big Government, we want to ensure they do not access this at some point we may close it to viewing to non-members. The last thing we want is for some Big Government Socialist license board to copy something here and use it against a contractor-just like the Calif Attorney General has done.

    Over the next few months we will be relearning the all new complicated software which is a daunting task, and building out the Plumbers Networking Forum ©, so it you stumble upon it long before we announce and market it, you may see almost nothing in the way of content in the beginning. We need to put the horse before the cart here, but here is your chance to be OG. lol